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7 Date Places We Badly Want To See In Malta

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Malta is a beautiful little island, with stellar views and crystal seas, so really there’s no better place to fall in love. However, what we really need to see are a few more places to take said love of your life on adorable dates. 

Here’s a few places we hope to see sprout up soon, to help foster that innate romantic flare.

1. Roller Skate Rinks

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Sure, you’ll fall down a lot – but it’ll be loads of fun even with the knee injuries. Considering our climate, we couldn’t get away with having an ice rink, but we could look into having an outdoor roller rink, for those days when a little extra breeze can go a long way.

2. County Fairs

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All these annual “-fest”s have a lot of potential, all they need is to go that extra mile and make sure that there’s more to fairs in Malta than a luna park that’s only open for a limited time (and only at night) on dodgy Manoel Island. 

Granted, we won’t expect Ryan Gosling to dangerously swing off of a Ferris wheel, but a fair can be equal parts fun and romantic.

3. Strawberry Fields

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…or well, any type of fruit really. How about doing away with all the RTOs and having at least a couple of fields accessible to the public, so couples can stroll through and pick fruit together? Nature has a great knack of bringing people together.

4. Botanical Gardens

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Malta does have Argotti at Floriana, but since it’s pretty much the only example of botanical gardens in the country (and small one at that), we definitely need more. Also, Argotti seems to be much more of an educational site, and a loud school tour is probably the last thing you’d want if you’re searching for some downtime with your soulmate. 

5. Camping Areas

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We’ve already covered this one in our rundown of public areas that Malta needs a lot more of, and even though you could turn most of those into a romantic date, camping is definitely on top of that list.

6. Dinner Cruises

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While there are some cruises like Captain Morgan that offer sunset cruises over the summer months, there’s definitely room for a dedicated romantic dinner cruises service. Come on guys, this one’s staring at us right in the face!

7. Drive-in Movies

This is something that desperately needs to come back to Malta, especially with our beautiful summers and our cold-yet-kinda-dry winters. Let’s face it; if you’re going to get a car decal with a dose of cringe, why not show it off.

Tag your significant other cos you know they’d make all these dates even cooler.

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