9 Maltese Valentine's Day Cards You Need To Give Your Loved Ones

Easily-printed, and the perfect display of affection

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Whether you're trying to earn some extra brownie points with a loved one, or completely forgot today's celebration, these Maltese celebrity Valentine's Day cards are the perfect, printable gift for literally everyone.

1. Christabelle's not being subtle


2. Michelle Muscat, ever the romantic

Micehlle Muscat

3. Adrian Delia is sure of his love

Adrian Delia

4. Brooke is hoping for the best


5. Sarah Zerafa's helping you advertise


6. Ira Losco loves a good throwback

Ira Losco

7. Valentina knows today is her day


8. Carina is not holding back from telling it like it is


9. Peppi Azzopardi is not beating around the bush


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