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Did You Hook Up Yesterday? According To Stats, You Probably Did

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It’s official; the first Sunday of January is dating app Tinder’s most popular day of the year. Yesterday saw the popular app’s impressive average of 26 million matches go all the way up to a staggering 44 million. How many of those were in Malta, we wonder?

Experts trying to pin down the significance of such a day have it down to January being the time for resolutions, and a global shift in mentality and attitude. If you’ve set yourself new goals and want to make a significant change in your life for the year ahead, what better time is there than the first weekend of 2018?

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“It’s the first Sunday (as opposed to, say, the first Saturday or the first Tuesday) presumably because Sunday is the laziest day of the week, and most people are just hanging around at home,” web journalist Daisy Naylor said.

So with yesterday being the day people were most likely to get laid, were you one of the lucky ones?

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