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Get Ready To Take A Cold Shower After Scrolling Through This Steamy Maltese Instagram Page

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Whether you’re looking to spice up your insta feed with a lot more ‘interesting’ local content, or if you’re hoping to get your killer bod noticed on a larger platform, we may have found the perfect Instagram account for you.

Presenting @MaltaBoyz, a page which doesn’t really need much introduction or explanation really.

A collection of shirtless selfies and angry eyebrows, MaltaBoyz has more abs than you can count, and while you may not double tap every shot, it’s good to expose yourself to some alternative eye candy every now and then.

You know what they say, whenever possible, always shop local!

Whether you’re into tattoos, beards, clean shaven men, staches, shirtless guys or more modest looks, one thing’s for sure: you’re bound to find something to forward to a friend.

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