Here's Why Maltese Construction Workers Make The Best Boyfriends

Like, ever

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We all wonder what the perfect boyfriend profession is, and after countless hours of intense research, we've finally found it, at least far as Malta's concerned; construction workers. 

Hear us out; here are seven reason why we think you'll quickly agree.

1. They're strong

They will never say no to sweeping you off your feet.

"Bilmod għax tkissiruli"

2. #ĦamalluĦot is a real thing y'all

They're sexy creatures we all secretly lust after, no matter what we might think of their tastes.

"Aħħ x'nagħmillu"

3. Creative and spontaneous compliments 

Their cat-calls, although generally unwelcome, are often creative and spontaneous. And hey, you've got to hand it to them for constantly thinking on their feet.

"Jaqaw int cake? għax nixtieq naqsmek"

4. They're great at teamwork

There's no I in team — and these guys know it. You will never be left to do anything on your own.

"Ħalliħ, issa ndaħħalulek jien"

5. Free house fixing

Jonnie tad-dawl move over, we have our own free hunk now.

"U le dak issa nirranġah jien" 

6. They can use their tools 

It will be like living in a Mills and Boon book.

7. Most importantly, they can use a jackhammer 

... very well. 

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Written By

Chiara Micallef