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How To Avoid Eating Meat At All Costs This Valentine’s Day In Malta

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Sorry to break it to all the lovers out there, but this year’s Valentine’s Day happens to fall on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent and one that is usually seen as a day of fasting. Long story short, it seems like meat is not on the menu. 

Since we know how hard it can be to reject temptation after (or even during) a romantic date, here are a few of our suggestions to help you along the way.

1. Choose your location to avoid all temptation

If you’re in a place that whips up delicious steaks for all to see, you’re going to want to try some. 

So if you’re trying your hardest to fast, make sure you’re nowhere where meat is ready to be served, and can accidentally slip out.

He’s back!

2. Don’t look at tasty pics on your phone

Browsing the hottest #Food #Porn pics on Instagram will only get your juices flowing. We know it’s hard to avoid, but scrolling through the endless succulent shots will push you over the edge. 

Save the double-tap till tomorrow

3. Don’t binge on it the day before it’s forbidden

You might think it makes sense to stuff your face in as much meat as you can tonight, in the hopes that it’ll curb any cravings tomorrow. But if you go all out, and dig in today, you’ll be daydreaming about the flavour tomorrow.

Does this need any context?

4. Plan your alternatives ahead of time 

Sometimes saying no to meat means getting an extra helping hand. 

It could be soy alternatives, but natural is probably best. Why not look into an eggplant bake or a cucumber salad?

Maybe popcorn will curb some cravings

5. Just remember the above-mentioned alternative cannot be chocolate either

So if you’re thinking of running away from the steakhouse and going around the corner to get away from the meat, remember: you can’t dip into the chocolate fountain either…

Right in the childhood

Remember: if you cave, you’re no better than a bunch of unruly Uruk Hai

Tag a friend who’ll need the strength tomorrow

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