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Malta To Have New Sex-Ed Classes For People With Intellectual Disabilities This Autumn

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Sexual health, consent and sex-positivity are important concepts for everyone, even people with intellectual disabilities. Too often we don’t consider this to be a topic of priority for them, but people with intellectual disabilities have the same feelings, frustrations and desires as everyone else does, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure they are getting a proper education on the subject.

Organised by Inspire, with funding from the Malta Community Chest Fund, My Self – My Body aims educate parents, guardians and individuals with a disability on the sensitive topic in as holistic a way as possible.

“A common misconception is that people with an intellectual disability do not need education related to their sexuality because they will always remain ‘child-like’ and therefore non-sexual,” the event’s description reads. “Education about sexuality is an important aspect at any stage in ones life.“

Myself My Body

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