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Maltese Couple With Down Syndrome Discuss Marriage And Knowing When The Time Is Right

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Maltese actress Nicole Marie Muscat (best known for her appearances on Dejjem Tiegħek Becky) has opened up about her relationship with Karl Wirth, and shared what they’ve learnt about knowing when the time is right.

When he first got down on one knee to propose to her, Nicole was clearly moved, but taken aback. “I told him for now, it’s not the time. It’s just not the time yet”

In a video posted to Facebook, TV show Skjetti spoke to the couple about their relationship and their plans for the future.

Now it seems Nicole has warmed up to the idea of marriage, as her and Karl are looking forward to what’s to come. “I always go to her house, or she comes to mine to plan the wedding” says Karl.

Nicole was candid about the whole discussion, and about how at first she was reluctant, but really she knew he was the one. “In reality I do really want to marry him. And I’ll tell you why; the love, it’s really there.”

Nicole And Karl

The two have nothing but nice words to say about each other, and if you’re ready for the soppiness to hit record highs, these are two of our facourite quotes from the interview. “The feeling I get [when I’m with him] is something I need”

“For me, she’ll always be there in my heart. “I love her so much, she helped make me the man I am”

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