Maltese Man Transforms Valletta Into His Personal Romantic Proposal

Congratulations to the new couple!


Proposing to your bride-to-be can be a nerve-wrecking experience - you've got to make sure that the ring is perfect, the weather is perfect, and yes, the location is perfect.

It's got to be romantic, memorable, and special - but one Maltese man ingeniously decided to utilise the beautiful building in St. George's square to create one of the coolest proposals we've ever seen.

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Bertu Aquilina had contacted the Valletta 2018 Foundation to see if something special for his betrothed could be planned.

"I had help from the Valletta 2018 team, they gave me the go-ahead and made the video and took care of planning the visuals and music for the proposal, and Jonathan Borg took the photos of the special moments," Bertu told Lovin Malta.

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After the initial shock had worn off - and some celebratory drinks were poured - his fiance Cheryl's reaction was exactly what he was hoping for. 

"She was speechless and had some happy, joyful tears," he beams. "She's a very humble woman, so she was a bit shy as well."

How romantic is this proposal?

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