Realities of Using Tinder in Malta

'It’s like real life, but better’ - we’re not so sure.

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For those of you who haven’t yet meddled in the world of virtual romance, here are a couple of tasters to bring you up to speed on Tinder etiquette (there is none). 

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A location based dating app is always scary when living on a small island


And while persistence is key, sometimes it's best to just let it go.

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That being said, inviting awkward exchanges into your life often makes for good storytelling. Here are a couple of cringe-worthy Maltese Tinder stories we couldn’t help posting:

‘I had been chatting with a guy on Tinder - truth be told there wasn’t much of a connection from the start but I played along anyway. Following a hilarious misunderstanding about cured meat, I found myself faced with an unsolicited (and rather unimpressive) naked selfie, after which I pulled the plug with a respectfully swift unmatch. To my dismay he turned out to be the new receptionist at my gym, adding some extra tension to weekly spinning class with MY BOYFRIEND.’
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‘I was on Tinder with a friend of mine when we stumbled upon an unusual personal description: ‘Always make sure the juice is worth the squeeze'. Swimming to the bait, my friend and I embarked on the usual boredom-induced piss take. The conversation went a little like this… 
Us: how juicy is YOUR squeeze? Him: depends on the lemons Us: my lemons are rather juicy Him: frape? jew il quote laqtitek daqshekk? Us: laqtitni, fpostijiet intimi…
I thought nothing of it until I was thrown a lemon at Ryan’s Sundays and was faced with the guy himself. Ah, the joys of living on an island.’
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‘I was chatting up two girls on Tinder, being quite interested in the both of them. I asked one of them out on a date, we agreed on a time and place and that was that. She said she’d be waiting with a friend but I never would have imagined she’d be with the second girl I’d been talking to!’ 

If you have any Tinder stories worth sharing we’d love to hear them! Send them to [email protected] and help us accumulate a collection of pick up fails and dating disasters. All screenshots are welcome and anonymous!

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