WATCH: This Maltese Couple Is The Ultimate Proof That Love Knows No Bounds

Overcoming all obstacles comes easy for Daniel and Raisa

Every once in a while, we come across a heartwarming story, and this Maltese couple have given us just that. Daniel and Raisa have been dating for nearly five months now, and the couple refuse to let Raisa's disability get in the way of true love.

Four years ago, Raisa fell into a nine-month coma. After a miraculous recovery, she met Daniel, who shared her passion of the Juventus football team. The story of how they met and came to date is as cute as they get. 

"We met on the first of February, during the opening of Marsa's Juventus Club," Daniel explained. After that day, they added each other on Facebook and started talking. A couple of weeks later, on Valentine's Day, Daniel shared a photo of a heart-shaped island, and Raisa commented "All you need is love." From there, they planned to go watch a match at the same football club, and their friendship quickly developed into something more.

"When Juventus scored the first goal, I kissed her on the cheek," Daniel recounted. "At that moment, I remember thinking  illallu,  this man is so handsome!" Raisa said.

Since then, the couple has gone from strength to strength, offering not only love, but great support to each other. "Raisa is very intelligent and actually supports and encourages me," Daniel said. "After everything she's been through, she gives light to other people, and she loves and greatly cares about other people."

Raisa, on the other hand, describes their first meeting as magical. "It was a big coincidence," she said. "We both weren't sure whether we were going to the club's opening that fateful night, but we both ended up going. And now, Daniel means the world to me."

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Last Monday, Daniel took part in the first program of Tough Luck a new Maltese gameshow where participants choose what they take home if they win. Daniel played in Raisa's name, winning a set of kitchen utensils which she can use to bake homemade cakes. 

The gameshow uploaded a video of Raisa's reaction when Daniel took home the prize for her, and it's as adorable as you're thinking... and then some.

Raisa has multiple tattoos which reflect not only her past struggles, but the philosophy with which she wants to move forward from it all. "Never give up," she said, "because whatever I went through has lead me to meeting Daniel, and this moment."

"I feel loved, and I love him. Even when he had shaved his beard," she jokingly concludes."

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