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Did You Know? There Are 5 One-Stop Government Shops In Different Maltese Locations To Help Solve All Your Problems

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We all know the struggles of trying to sort out a government-related issue; the website is a never-ending rabbit hole of links and dead ends, there are way too many forms to fill in, and if you want to go into an office you need to block off an entire morning to wait in a queue as long a LIDL-on-Black-Friday queue. And when its finally your turn, you find out you went to the wrong office.

Well, what if we told you that all those issues were a thing of the past?

The government has set up five different ‘one-stop-shops’, or information hubs, for all things government under the organisation of servizz.gov. You can find a hub in Birkirkara, Qormi, Qawra, Paola and Birgu.

These five ‘hubs’ are staffed with individuals that are trained to deal with issues correctly and promptly. You can go to a servizz.gov hub to:

  • Request information on Government services
  • Raise an application or request a service
  • Schedule appointments with departments and Government entities
  • Report problems and make complaints
  • Make suggestions about Government services

This will save you from wasting time on an issue that may actually be a quick fix. And, if for some reason the representative at the hub can’t help you, they’ll be able to direct you straight to the right person.

It’s also great to avoid having to travel into Valletta, where most of the main government offices are.

If you can’t get yourself down to one of these hubs, or you just don’t feel like leaving your house (we feel you), you can access their website that will help you to navigate your way to the relevant sector’s page.

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You can even give them a call on their freephone number 153 if the website doesn’t do it for you.

Where would you like to see the next servizz.gov hub?

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