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Did You Know? You Can Now Ask Siri For Traffic Updates In Malta

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Whether you’re planning your daily commute, a quick errand, or a night out, driving has become a bit of a bitch thanks to Malta’s increasingly horrible traffic situation. One of Apple’s latest iOS updates plans to make it all a bit easier.

With iOS 10’s latest updates rolling out throughout April, some Maps features have just been given a handy upgrade in the form of Traffic.

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Put quite simply, the navigational services that were previously present on Apple devices have also been upgraded to include traffic information on the default Maps app, and this time, it was Malta’s turn to be included in the list of newly supported countries.

Coinciding with the recent app support for Siri, you can now even ask your favourite virtual assistant for the traffic around Malta!

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If you’re on an Android phone or you just want an extra, community-driven app that helps you navigate Maltese roads, we would also highly recommend getting Maltese Roads Traffic Updates for Android or iOS

MRTU is a highly useful (and free) app which lets users update each other on varying states of traffic around the island, leading to some very useful tips which can knock off valuable time off your voyage.

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