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Do You Have A Pet Video Which Is So Adorable, We’d Actually Pay You To Share It?

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Funny home videos have slowly gone from weekly TV shows on Italia Uno to an everyday staple on the internet, and there have been some awesome ones to come out of Malta over the past years. 

The next big clip to go viral can be hiding in your phone as we speak. And we’ll even pay you for it!

If you think you’ve got the funniest or cutest pet video around, all you need to do is send your clip to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Lovin pets’.

We will choose our favourite one and feature it on our Facebook page… and give you €50!

It’s that simple.

Even if your clip doesn’t win the prize money, your pet may still be featured… because, let’s face it, it’s probably still adorable and hilarious AF.

So get snapping (or searching your archives) and send away; your pet can be turned into a celebrity overnight!

Tag someone who can easily win this!

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