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End Of An Era: Bay Street’s Hard Rock Cafe Closes Its Doors For Good

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Malta’s rock community is mourning the loss of a music hub as Bay Street’s Hard Rock Cafe confirmed that it is closing down for good.

Sources from within the restaurant told Lovin Malta that whilst the St Julian’s outlet will be shutting down permanently, the franchise will be looking to re-open elsewhere. Hard Rock Cafe’s Valletta Waterfront outlet will remain open.

Well-renowned Maltese guitarist and rocker Kersten Graham took to Facebook to pay tribute to this iconic venue.

“Farewell to one of my favourite places here in Malta. Freddie For A Day, Hard Rock After Dark, Hard Rock Rising, Xirka Rock, and many other awesome and rocking’ events happened on that very same stage,“ Graham wrote.

“Memories that will last forever.”

With its iconic 80s-esque decor and American-style food, the Hard Rock Cafe franchise has established itself as a well-loved restaurant and rock-hub amongst Malta’s music community.

Guitarist David Cassar Torreggiani took to the post’s comment section to cherish the hours spent at the venue.

“Those pre-gig drink ups together were classic… Great times, great friends, and great food,” Cassar Torreggiani wrote.

‘Cross Rhythm’ guitarist Nigel in-Noogie Buttigieg posted a few iconic pictures in memory of the restaurant.

What do you make of this?

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