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12 Tips To Having A Green Christmas In Malta This Year: Part 3

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Christmas is a time for giving, and if you’re typically Maltese, you probably have way too many friends and 27 cousins to buy gifts for. These generate a significant amount of garbage, and with the world soon looking like the gods just threw up a massive plastic hangover, it’s important to try minimise our waste as best we can.

The Environment Ministry has just launched a campaign with tips to make this Christmas a tad bit greener, and we’ve already covered the first eight over the last two days.

Here are some more:

Tip #9 – Separate and recycle your Christmas waste


In reality this is something we should doing all year round, but with the extra waste being produced during the Christmas season, it’s important to keep in mind to separate waste accordingly.

White bags are for organic waste, green and grey for recyclables and black is for residual waste.

If done right, the waste going in the black bag should be much less than for the other bags.

Tip #10 – Gift an experience, not an object


Experiences last longer than gifts, because memories stay with you for life.

Choose to gift your loved ones with experiences rather than objects and they will likely remember them for years to come.

Donate to a charity, plant a tree, join a clean up or just take the time to do good together with your friends and family. It is guaranteed to make them feel so much better than receiving yet another Christmas jumper.

Tip #11 – Spend quality time outdoors


A continuation of Tip #10, make it a point to spend outdoor time with your family and friends this Christmas season.

Time well spent is so much more valuable, and we have some great countryside (what’s left of it) to soak it all in. Organise a picnic or walk with your loved ones. It’s healthy and wholesome.

And be sure to not litter while there. Actually, take a couple bags with you and do your bit of litter-picking. Every little helps!

Tip #12 – Tell your family and friends about these tips

The last tip brings everything together.

Be sure to tell your family friends about the little things they can do to help the environment.

Many people feel the little they do might not contribute to change, but the reality is that every little helps!

Tag all your friends so they have a green Christmas too!

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