24 Amazing Plants Maltese Beginners Really Need To Consider Growing

From the lovely pothos to the low maintenance potato

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Plants are cool to grow. They’re cute, they can make any room look instantly gorgeous, they’re rewarding and they don’t talk back. Bless.

Growing plants however is not always as easy, especially if you’ve never done it before. Keeping them alive is fairly easy if you know what you’re doing, but most of us don’t.

So here’s a list of low maintenance plants you can totally grow in your own house without being too worried of murdering them.

1. Cacti

These spiny babies seldom need watering and really love hanging out in the sun. The only drawback is getting stung every single time you try to handle them.

2. Snake plant

These sweet cuties are sturdy and do not need frequent watering. You can literally just leave them plopped on a shelf, they won’t care, promise.

3. Sweet pea

These guys will not only fill out your yard with an amazing smell, but they also love hanging out in the sun.

They’re slow to germinate, but they’re still a hardy plant to keep. They just need slightly most soil and a bunch of sunlight.

4. Pothos

These babes will grow anywhere. All they need is indirect light. They’re fine with dry soil and don’t need much watering.

5. Succulents

The cacti’s cousins, these guys are really hardy and they can survive almost anything. They need a long break in between watering, so they don't need as much attention as regular plants.

6. Cast Iron plant

This babe is called a cast iron plant for a reason. It feels perfectly fine if your house isn’t bright and airy. It’s also cool with wet soil, heat and little light. Isn’t she perfect?

7. Tomatoes

Mostly they need moist and well-drained soil. They love hanging out in the sun and enjoy being fertilised.

8. Lucky Bamboo

These babes grow in water, so all you have to do is water them. They need ample amounts of light, water and frequent dusting.

9. Bromeliads

Bromeliads just need a bit of fertiliser during growth season and some water every couple of weeks.

10. Philodendron

These lovely pants enjoy ample sunlight and don’t need as much water as other plants do. As long as they’re in a well lit area, they’re happy.

11. Dieffenbachia

This plant does not like being overwatered. However they’re super sensitive to light as their leaves are really thin. Leave your dieffenbachia in an area where there isn’t too much sunlight.

12. Ficus

Another hardy plant which only needs watering once weekly. The soil needs to get dry in between waterings so just check out both top and bottom of the plant before watering.

13. Begonia

These girls enjoy moist soil and morning light. They also might give you flowers, but the leaves look amazing on their own.

14. Spider plant

Your mom’s favourite plant needs well drained soil, indirect light and pretty much nothing else.

15. Dracaena

The dracaena requires little to no water, just lightly mist the soil with a spray bottle and never ever overwater - your plant could end up with a nasty case of root rot.

16. Jade plant

Another babe which does not like having too much water. Allow the soil to dry in between waterings and every three to four months add a tad bit of fertiliser to it.

17. ZZ Plant

This super cutie loves dry soil and indirect light. It grows fine in air-conditioned spaces and with very little light.

18. Carrots

These girls require watering once a week, however their germination is super quick — just don’t leave them out in too much sunlight.

19. Parlour palm

The parlour palm just loves humidity. It needs to be kept constantly moist. It also enjoys being in the shade so it’s the perfect plant for your parlour.

20. Wandering Jew

Moist soil and bright light are this plant’s best friends. Be careful not to water the actual stalk of the plant as it will totally get you a bad case of root rot.

21. Chinese evergreen

The Chinese evergreen enjoys moderate watering and little to no fertilising. You need to dust this babe frequently as it doesn’t like dust buildups. Check regularly for pests, it sounds like a bit too much, but don’t worry she’s totally worth it.

22. Peace lily

Another plant which doesn’t need often watering. The Peace lily enjoys bright light and well-drained soil. You can water it every couple of days, and it will still be happy.

23. Rubber Plant

This cutie is a truly rewarding plant to keep. It’s effortlessly beautiful and can grow up to 50 feet tall. It loves indirect bright light and needs a good balance of dampness in its soil.

24. Potatoes

Easiest vegetable ever. They dislike direct sunlight and love being kept wet. Try your best to keep them from getting sunburnt and you will be able to roast your own garden potatoes in little to no time.

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