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A Man From Qormi Just Hired Two Bowsers To Water Dying Plants And Trees At Local Park

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A man from Qormi took it upon himself to hire two bowsers to water dying plants and trees at a park in his home town.

Redeemer Gatt is our latest nature hero after he took money out of his own pocket hire two bowsers to water the parched plants and trees at his local park.

Redeemer noticed how the trees and plants of the park were suffering in this August heat, and when he realised that no one was going to do anything about it, he took the responsibility on himself.

“It’s been a while since I saw a bowser watering the plants and trees,” Redeemer said in a Facebook post.

“I love nature and it hurts when I see this stuff happening in front of my eyes. So today I decided to hire two bowsers to water the park and I paid for it from my own pocket.”

Redeemer also noted how the park was littered with rubbish and hopes that his actions can inspire other people to be more responsible when it comes to taking care of mother nature.

“The price of the bowsers isn’t important. For me the price of nature is above all and if we aren’t going to take care of it, we’re going to suffer.”

“I hope that we don’t continue like this and that the local council and the government set a decent budget and come to a proper agreement on how often the plants and trees should be watered in each locality.”

Recently Lovin Malta reported that around 38 villages were in danger after the government’s landscaping contractor had refused to renew its commitments to water which put flowers and trees at risk of drying up in the August heat.

Thanks to the kind actions of Redeemer, the plants and trees of St George’s park will live on to see another day.

Are the flowers and trees in your locality drying up?

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