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A Maltese Mother And Her Two Daughters Got A Nasty Surprise While Driving In Spinola Bay

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A mother driving her two young daughters got a nasty shock when their car’s front tyre fell into an open hole in a St Julians road. The red Citroen unexpectedly ended up in the pothole after the car in front of theirs “triggered a trap”, according to Ale Joonto who witnessed the incident. 

“The woman said that a car in front of hers had hit the iron plate, moving it for a couple of meters. She was not able to see the uncovered pothole, and drove right into it,” he said.

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Joonto, who lives nearby, said it wasn’t easy seeing the woman’s daughters suffering from shock.

“Imagine you’re just 5 or 6 years old, in your mum’s car… I was affected seeing these two kids crying because of the scary impact,” he said.

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It is not yet known if the hole has been covered or not, but anyone driving through the Spinola Bay area of St Julians should keep their eyes peeled for any hidden potholes. 

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