A Step In The Right Direction: Maltese Supermarket Chain Completely Stopping The Sale Of Single-Use Plastics

The fight for environmental sustainability has a new ally

Lovin Malta Valyou Supermarket Single Use Plastic

The fight for environmental sustainability has just earned a new ally among its ranks, and it comes in the form of a local supermarket chain spread around the island. Valyou Supermarkets, who currently have three stores around Malta, have taken the initiative to reduce the sale of single-use plastic products from their stores, making it the second massive stance the company has taken in the past two years.

In a recent Facebook post, Valyou Supermarkets announced their new move to become more eco-friendly with a powerful image that seems to be targeting threats commonly brought up by environmentalists, namely single-use straws, cutlery and cups.

The company has a history of pushing the green envelope

In August 2018, Valyou had started encouraging their customers to bring their own containers to reduce the amount of waste generated by their stores.

The supermarket chain also recently posted a Facebook video offering tips on how individuals could become more eco-friendly

Valyou Supermarkets is encouraging other companies to "Join the revolution" because, after all, #ThereIsNoPlanetB

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