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A Tree For A Laptop: Klikk’s Campaign Will See Hundreds Of Trees Planted At Ta’ Qali

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A tree for a laptop. That’s the promise Klikk are making in its latest campaign to protect Malta’s environment, and we love it.

Everyone needs a laptop, it’s a necessity in this day and age and you simply can’t survive without one. Unfortunately, the process of making a laptop requires a lot of resources which has a negative impact on the environment, that’s just the way it is.

Thankfully, Klikk is fully aware of this and, in an effort to minimise use and waste as much as possible, have introduced a new eco-friendly and sustainable campaign in their stores.

In collaboration with Ambjent Malta, Klikk will be sponsoring and planting a tree for every laptop purchased until 19th October.

Klikk will be given a designated area in Ta’Qali where they will plant a tree for every laptop purchased and the first 200 customers will have the opportunity to personalise a name tag to be placed on a tree!

That means you can buy a laptop knowing that you’ll be giving back to the environment and you’ll have a tree in your name!

We can’t think of a better initiative for Malta right now. In light of protests against the displacement of trees over the past few months, this sustainable campaign helps ensure that the future of our environment is taken care of.

Well done Klikk!

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