Activists Despair As 1,000 Tumoli Put Up For Sale In Baħrija

The land spans over 1,000,000 square meters


Anger and despair has swept across activists' social media after a real estate agency put 1,000 tumoli of land up for sale in the "prestigious area of Baħrija".

Each tumolo, which is equal to just over 1,100 square meters, is being sold for anywhere between €25,000 and €100,000.

Contacted by the founder of Malta Clean Up Camilla Appelgren, the agency confirmed that 100 tumoli had already been sold off despite "not having a permit for development any time soon". The surrounding land and buildings are also owned by the same person, but they are not willing to sell those currently.

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University of Malta's professor Alan Deidun has also expressed his dismay at the sale, saying Malta is "selling off the most evocative places on our islands to the highest bidder" and spoke out against the possibility of development, stating "this is Baħrija, not Birkirkara".

Currently, the listing on Dhalia's website says: "1,000 tumoli of land in this prestigious area of Bahrija covering all land towards the cliffs up to Gnejna. The privately-owned property can be either sold in its entirety or else in segments. A few old rooms are scattered in this recreational land, some is arable land and some is ‘xagħri’."

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The email reply received by Camilla Appelgren

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