As Malta's Planting Season Kicks Off, Young Local NGO Plants Around 3,000 Endangered Indigenous Seedlings

ACT are taking their love of Malta's environment to the next level

Act Malta Ngo Planting Species

Malta's planting season has returned... and while some of the island's youth might not even be aware of this, one group of volunteers have gone over and above to celebrate this important moment for the archipelago's environment.

Local NGO ACT have been keeping their green fingers busy and have managed to plant thousands of endangered indigenous seedlings with the aim to repopulate our rock with native plants.

The committee and their volunteers have planted a whooping 3,000 seedlings of the White Willow tree (Żafżafa kbira), the Mediterranean Willow (Żafżafa żgħira) the Elm (Ulmu), White Poplar (Siġra tal-Luq) and the Christ’s Thorn Tree (Xewka tal-Kuruna) .

A young and fresh non-profit organisation who do everything they can to raise awareness of societal issues linked to our ecosystem and protect, ACT have been working to enhance and restore the well-being of the environment since late 2017.

Hoping more people follow in their exemplary footsteps, ACT concluded this week's awesome news by leaving their contact details for anyone wishing to join their cause.

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