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Could Roughly 44,000 Square Metres Of Green Space In Mosta Become An Apartment Complex In A Few Years’ Time?

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In an era where green spaces are being eaten up at a worryingly fast rate, a massive plot of green space in Mosta could make way for Malta’s new national symbol; an apartment complex.

The site, located in the Tad-Dib area in Mosta, is believed to be roughly 44,000 square meters.

A Planning Control application submitted to the PA unveils plans to establish zoning, building heights and road alignments of the rationalisation exercise site.

Such an application deals with changes to either local plans, subsidiary plans, and policy.

The site was initially placed outside the development zone, however, this all changed during the PN administrations highly controversial rationalisation scheme.

In 2009, residents were up in arms after plans to develop over 650 apartments on the untouched Tad-Dib fields near the Mosta cemetery.

The plans were rejected by the PA, however, it remains to be seen what sort of project will now be proposed and whether or not the developers will finally be successful.

What do you make of this latest development?

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