Environment Ministry Responds To Warnings Malta’s New Organic Waste Is Being Mixed With Black Bags

Black bag collectors will only pick up stray organic waste while Malta eases into new system

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The Environment Ministry has confirmed rubbish trucks on ‘black bag’ routes will no longer be allowed to pick up organic waste bags once Malta has “got used” to the new waste management system.

Net News reported today that a “considerable amount” of organic waste bags are being dumped into rubbish trucks that are supposed to only be picking up black bags containing mixed waste. The report sparked a degree of panic, with people questioning whether the entire organic waste separation system (that was introduced a few days ago) is actually a farce and shadow environment minister Jason Azzopardi accusing the Prime Minister of taking the public for a ride.

A spokesperson for the Environment Ministry told Lovin Malta that the issue centred around people who took their organic waste bags out late today. As both organic and black bag waste are collected on Mondays, rubbish truck drivers on black bag routes were told to pick up stray organic waste bags.

“The alternative was to leave the organic waste bags outside till Wednesday, which is when they were next due to be collected,” the ministry spokesperson said. “However, this is only being allowed because the waste management system has just come into play and people need some time to get used to it. Afterwards, enforcement will kick in.”

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