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Environmental Activist Blocked By Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg: ‘Is This Democracy?’

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The 18-year-old environmental activist Julia Cappitta found out yesterday that she was blocked on Instagram by Ian Borg, Malta’s Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.

Cappitta is the crew leader of Earth Guardians Malta, a local NGO that represents young environmental activists and advocates for a greener future.

The organisation finds it deeply worrying: “We are shocked and once again disappointed with the attitude with which those in power handle such matters.”

Cappitta had not once used derogatory language towards the minister, and the comments and stories she posted were always questions aimed at the minister.

She asked why the destruction of Malta’s national environment continues to happen, and why young people’s voices keep being ignored.

Rather than getting answers to her questions, Cappitta has been added to the list of those who have been blocked by Ian Borg.

To Lovin Malta, the environmental activist said: “I’m not offended that he blocked me. I just think that this highlights the need for youth activism and the threats in our democracy.”

“Is this the democracy where ministers and members of parliament should be listening to the concerns of Maltese citizens?”

The NGO stated that the incident serves to highlight the need for youth activism, as the minister’s nonchalant attitude once again makes it up to the youth to safeguard the environment. “No one will ever manage to silence our youth,” the Earth Guardians wrote in a statement.

“If an 18-year-old environmental activist is having her questions and opinions censored on social media by a minister, there are some serious issues with the people in government.”

What do you make of the minister blocking the young environmental activist?

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