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Hunters May Have Breached Miżieb Contract As Illegalities Continue In Woodlands

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Malta’s hunting lobby FKNK may have breached its contract to manage the Miżieb woodlands signed with Lands Authority, following incidents of illegal trapping and a lack of signage in the area.

A local activist raised the alarm with Lovin Malta after they were told by visitors that they were unsure whether they could enter the area or not, as signs indicating certain details related to hunting were never put up.

“People have been telling me that they are unsure whether they should be there or not, as there are no signs whatsoever,” they said.

The contract gave the FKNK rights over the management and upkeep of the two woodlands and forbids public access during specific times of day during the spring and autumn hunting seasons.

Still, incidents of illegal trapping continue to plague the area after two sites were discovered in recent weeks. As the Guardian, the contract stipulates that FKNK is responsible for making sure that no illegalities take place within the site.

FKNK is also obliged to set up signs indicating the start of the season, signs indicating where the general public can access, and also set up and manage picnic areas.

The contract was established between the two parties in question more than a year ago now, on the 9th October.

The contract had certain requirements that enabled the possibility of its fruition. If these certain requirements are not fulfilled, the contract would immediately get void.

Screenshot from contract between FKNK and Lands Authority

Screenshot from contract between FKNK and Lands Authority

The contract clearly specifies that “the Guardian is obliged to put up signs, with immediate effect from the date of signing, during the hunting season to indicate the times that the Sites are not accessible.” 

A year on, no signs have been erected specifying these details, which technically voids the entire contract.

Apart from these breaches mentioned above, the contract in question is also quite literally riddled with spelling mistakes, which reflects the carelessness of the whole matter.

The next step here would be for the Lands Authority to get in contact with FKNK, offering an outline of the breaches that occurred.

FKNK would then be given a minimum of five days to remedy the issue, however, there are exceptions if the matter in question requires more time to resolve.

Lovin Malta also attempted to get in contact with FKNK for clarification on the matter, but no reply was given.

Do you think the contract should be voided? 

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