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‘It Only Took Two Hours To Destroy Everything’: Isla Trees Uprooted As Part Of Grand Harbour Regeneration Project

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Residents of Isla have voiced their dismay at the uprooting of several trees as part of a restoration and rehabilitation project of the old entrance to the locality.

“These trees took my family years to grow. They provided shelter for birds and cats, and also provided oxygen for the heavily polluted air in Senglea but it only took two hours to destroy everything,” said one resident. 

One resident who spoke to Lovin Malta said it was heartbreaking to watch the trees that their family had planted, destroyed right in front of their eyes.

Another resident described the scene as “another tragedy”, as the trees were “uprooted without any care or method, just a good old Caterpillar swing”.

The proposal includes upgrading the car parking area, street and outdoor lighting, and street resurfacing, as well as the removal of the playground, which will be relocated to another site.

It also includes demolition and relocation of the Boċċi pitch, formation of a new piazza at the upper level and a small multipurpose visitor services centre.

The project seems to be yet another one being managed by the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation, as part of the Grand Harbour Regeneration Project.

A spokesperson for the local council confirmed that the trees had been uprooted as part of the embellishment project, but could not provide any further details.

Lovin Malta also reached out to the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation, which confirmed that these works also fall within the project, per permits issued by Planning Authority, SCH, ERA and Transport Malta.

“Two Cypress trees, a small Ficus tree and a number of Oleanders were uprooted. They will be replaced by more than 20 Cercis Silicuestrum trees,” a representative for the corporation explained.

This is the third recorded time that trees were uprooted as part of the Grand Harbour Regeneration Project, with trees previously being uprooted alongside Msida promenade as well as the Kalkara promenade. 

What do you make of this? 

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