Main Msida-Valletta Road To Close This Friday As Students Strike And March Against Climate Change

The strikes will be happening simultaneously in around 100 countries globally

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As millions of youths organise around the world to demand a change in the way the world fights climate change, Maltese students are expected to take to the streets as part of a global strike this Friday.

Maltese students will be marching from the University of Malta to Valletta, Malta's capital city, to emphasise how they do not want to inherit a land, and indeed world, that has been destroyed and poisoned through humanity's gluttonous greed.

"The University of Malta student council shall be rallying students and youths in Malta to participate in this Friday’s global students4climate strikes. The strikes so far have students in a hundred countries confirmed participating around the globe," Carla Galea, the KSU President, said today.

"We are calling on all students to join us to take action on our future! We’ll be walking from the University of Malta to the Parliament building in Valletta, to raise awareness on our future and our planet! Let’s take action to raise awareness on Climate Change."

The road between University and Valletta will be closed for 30 minutes, between 12:30 and 1pm, this Friday, as part of the march.

The Youth4Climate: Malta event will see scores of people concerned with the environment raise their voice in Valletta

All the students, as well as anyone else who cares about the future of our environment, is welcome to join in both the march to Valletta, as well as the actual environmental demonstration happening outside Parliament in Valletta.

Students around the world have been galvanised by the words of Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish activist

Students from University, St Albert's College and others will be participating in the demonstration

Everyone is invited to join in

Students will be congregating at the University quadrangle on Friday 15th March at 12:30pm

After meeting up at University, students will march to Valletta's Parliament to join in the main demonstration. Everyone is welcome to attend!

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