Malta Is Officially Europe's Worst Recycler

We really need to sort this out

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Malta has officially been declared the worst at recycling in all of Europe, according to a report issued by the European Commission for the Environment.

The report, released in late November, was issued alongside a warning from the Commission aimed at Malta and 13 other EU member states that were considered at the greatest risk of missing the EU’s 2020 recycling target for municipal waste.


Source: Eunomia

The four worst recyclers highlighted were Malta, Romania, Greece, and Cyprus. Malta only recycles a stark 7% of our waste, with the other 83% going to landfills. We've officially managed to "combine the lowest recycling rate of the lot with the highest landfilling rate", according to euronews.


Source: Eunomia

Steps are being taken in Malta to promote the proper disposal of waste, including the introduction of iBiNs and organisations such as Don't Waste Waste and Sort It Out. However, it seems we still have a way to go.

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