Malta Registers Highest Increase In CO2 Emissions In All Of European Union

We may be a tiny blot in the continent, but that blot's footprint is getting bigger


Much has been said on global warming and the need to decrease carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with dozens of countries doing everything they can to decrease their footprint. According to Eurostat estimates just published for 2017, however, the European Union's emissions are still on the rise... and Malta's leading the worrying statistics.

Malta's CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion increased by a whole 12.8%, the largest recorded rate for all of the EU.

Following behind the tiny Mediterranean island were Estonia (11.3%), Bulgaria (8.3%), Spain (7.4%) and Portugal (7.3%). Put together, these countries (along with others like Italy, Slovakia and Romania) contributed to the total CO2 emissions of the EU to increase by 1.8% compared with the previous year. 

Interestingly enough, in the previous year, Malta had actually registered an 18.2% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions... the largest across the EU.

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Malta leading the pack... just not in a good way. Estimate changes in CO2 emissions between 2016 and 2017

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In the previous Eurostat findings (2015-2016), Malta actually registered the biggest drop, showing up on the complete opposite end of the diagram it lead this time round.

Malta being such a tiny island, our share of the EU's total CO2 emissions is of course still very small, sitting at just 0.05%.

However, with such a considerable (and unmatched) rise as the one that's just been registered, the island is definitely not setting the best of examples out there.

Add to that the recent craze of literally reporting and cutting down multiple trees around the island, and Malta might not be on the way to a particularly impressive 2018 either as far as CO2 emissions go.

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