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‘All We Need To Do Is Collect Plastic Caps!’ Bormla Middle School Gets Students To Recycle With An Innovative And Fun Campaign

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A middle school in Bormla is stepping up its environment game by hosting a super easy and fun plastic cap campaign, Nirriċikla ghall-Istrina.

The kids at St Margaret’s College know a thing or two about reducing environmental waste and have dedicated the rest of the year to collecting and recycling plastic caps from water bottles, soft drinks, and a whole lot more.

The plastic caps are collected and sent for recycling. In return, a donation is given to L-Istrina. The more plastic caps collected, the greater the donation.

And everyone is involved; from students to staff and even the school council!

The students even created posters to promote this initiative and to remind everyone (young and old) that “All we need to do is collect plastic caps!”

But this isn’t just any recycling campaign.

In order to make things a lot more fun, the school has decided to decorate the recycling bins and even created a pipeline made from plastic bottles leading directly to the bins.

Not only is this a unique way to run a campaign, but it’s a great way to keep students engaged and to encourage them to recycle as much as possible!

“By being part of this campaign, we will be helping those in need and also safeguarding our environment by diverting the plastic caps from being dumped at the landfill, ” the school said in a press release.

Hats off to the students and staff at St Margaret’s for such a thoughtful and fun campaign!

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