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Mosta Mayor Hits Out At PN For Leaving Collected Trash Behind After Clean-Up

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Mosta mayor Romilda Baldacchino Zarb has accused the Nationalist Party of leaving trash behind after collecting it in a clean-up organised last Saturday.

“I’m sorry, but if we’ve organised a clean-up, we need to make sure that whatever we’re showing we’re cleaning is actually cleaned up,” the Mosta mayor in a short post on Facebook.

Baldacchino Zarb even posted a picture showing the trash that was left behind, days after the clean-up took place.

The PN held a clean-up last Saturday as part of its activity programme in the run-up to Independence Day. Opposition leader Adrian Delia, who personally participated in the clean-up, used the occasion to speak of the importance of environmental sustainability.

“Our natural and marine environment must become an integral part of our country’s economy,” Delia said. “The environment must be a tool in favour of sustainable development. This will create a fair economic model that creates wealth for everyone, in contrast with the government, which is on a clear mission to place the environment at the very bottom of its priority list.”

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