Over 40 Diver-Volunteers Clean Up 1187 Kilos Of Waste In Four Hours In This Maltese NGO's Toughest Challenge Yet

The clean-up brought up everything from batteries to tyres

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Żibel, the Maltese environmental NGO known for their mega sea and beach clean ups, encountered one of their biggest and toughest challenges last weekend. And we couldn't be prouder.

In an impressive four hours, 40 divers, snorkelers and coastal volunteers joined forces and cleaned up a shocking 1187.52 kilos of waste in Marsaxlokk.

They picked up a staggering amount of bulky waste (319kg), general waste (111.36kg), two kilos of recyclable plastics, plastic bottle caps (0.92kg), recyclable bottle caps (7.78kg), 196.06kg of glass and even fishing gear (185.6kg).

Batteries (36.16kg) and tyres (a staggering 304.66kg) were also among the clean-up's random finds.

“Almost all items were not able to be recycled due to how degraded they were," Żibel announced. "We found large amounts of empty paint cans, oil cans and material that came from the shoreline”.

“The worst of these items being the paint and oil which contain corrosive chemicals, further damaging the ecosystem and spreading around the bay” they continued.

Żibel took to Facebook to show love to all those who participated, their sponsors and trustees.

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