Photos Of Reckless Oil Dumping Just Down The Road From Ta' Qali Civic Amenity Site Surface Online

Scattered on a windy road, the oil also poses a serious threat to drivers in the area


Worrying photos sent to Lovin Malta this morning reveal oil recklessly dumped in the already dangerous and windy road around 300m from the Ta' Qali Civic Amenity Site.

The oil streams down the only patch of road covered in tarmac, making this narrow pothole-filled road a serious hazard for drivers. Not only this, but the jerrycans that presumably carried the oil prior to being dumped also lay discarded on the side of the road among other refuse.

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Making matters worse, the surrounding area is covered in fields, causing this to be a danger not only to road-users but also to any crops growing in the area.

If ever you site illegal dumping in Malta, you may contact environmental enforcement authorities, such as the Environment and Resources Authority, Transport Malta, and the Cleansing and Maintenance Division.


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