Burial Site Unearthed In Zurrieq Could Be The Missing Link To Underground Necropolis

This could prove to be an instrumental discovery to the island's heritage

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Several sites all around Malta have proven to house spectacular underground temples and tombs, but the latest discovery to come from the south of the island might have even larger implications.

This weekend, newly-unearthed catacombs at Żurrieq were discovered by chance. There are many sites between the newly discovered catacombs and the Xarolla necropolis, among which are shaft tombs and regular catacombs. Since the site is only 200 meters away from the Xarolla ones, it could mean that they might be connected, however they could also instead be connected to other tombs found along the way during recent roadworks.

Being in close proximity to the main catacombs under the Xarolla, it gives us the idea that the whole area - even underneath the adjacent fields and houses - might have been used as a burial site by several people in the past.

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Temple Rescue Malta, a local Archeological Awareness Group, has been keeping the area safe and also provided Lovin Malta with exclusive photos of this beautiful discovery.

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The exact area of the site will remain unknown for now as to preserve the safety of these newly-found catacombs. 

Spokespeople from the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage told us that an archeologist has been sent out to protect, record and investigate the site. Discussions are being carried out between the organisation and Transport Malta to plan temporary routes to avoid any damage from happening to this archeological site. 

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Written By

Chiara Micallef