Salini Duck Rescue Operation Looking For Enclosed Trucks And Vans To Help Relocation Efforts

'We need all the help we may get'


Relocating hundreds of ducks might not sound like a normal thing to do on a Friday morning, but that's exactly what's going to happen tomorrow at Salini.

After some 300 ducks which had taken up residence near the Salini nature reserve over the last seven years faced an uncertain future when the ERA ordered their relocation, the birds will now be moving to a new home tomorrow. To do that, however, activists Time for Change and Mikel St. John are going to need some help.

"Joining forces and relocating the ducks of Salina on Friday," the NGO announced earlier yesterday. "Please, if anyone can offer any help with transferring the ducks please get in contact."

Lambasting local NGO BirdLife Malta, some activists reportedly saw the ducks "starving", "missing" or even sporting a couple of "broken wings" when the visiting the site yesterday.

"I didn't have the heart to take pictures or a video as they were crying out for food and fresh water," one person who was allegedly on the scene said.

Now, anyone who owns an enclosed truck or van is being requested to help in the rescue operation set to go down tomorrow. "We may have found a palce to take these ducks to be transferred to," Mikel St. John announced. "We were given the go-ahead to rescue these ducks. We need all the help we may get."

In between catching the ducks, putting them in cages to be transported, and actually transporting, the 300 birds will definitely be a handful, which is why the activists are looking for all the help they can get.

"The sick and injured ducks will be taken for medical attention, while the others will be relocated to Manoel Island's Duck Village," Time For Change told Lovin Malta.

The 300 ducks were previously taken care of Joe Schembri, an elderly man who used to spend some €100 a week on feed.

After he was informed that he'd be facing fines if the ducks were not located (owing to the fact that they were being kept in a special conservation area without any consent from the authority), Schembri had expressed his inability to relocate all those ducks himself, because he was merely looking after them.

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