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Trenches In Luqa Road Leave Trees With Their Roots Fully Exposed

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A number of trees alongside a road in Luqa had trenches dug up right next to them leaving their roots fully exposed.

It seems as though this country is unable to care for a tree or act in a way that doesn’t leave the tree waiting for its eventual death.

The matter was flagged by independent political candidate Arnold Cassola, who took to Facebook to share images of the trenches exposing the trees’ roots right up to their tree trunks. 

“Trees condemned to death,” the caption read.

The trees can be found alongside the road of Imgieret in Luqa.

Environmentalists have criticised the act, with one saying “I don’t understand why there is so much hatred towards trees in Malta.”

Although due to the weather right now not much damage will be inflicted, it is still not the recommended practice as ideally a tree’s roots are not left exposed.

What do you make of this? 


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