Trucks Full Of Debris Have Been Illegally Dumping Their Trash In Ta' Qali In The Middle Of The Night

An investigation has uncovered the systematic dumping and degradation of a whole swathe of Ta' Qali

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Trucks and bulldozers are illegally dumping construction waste in a secluded area of Ta' Qali, an investigation by has uncovered.

Newsbook reported that up to four heavy vehicles were spotted at around 9:40pm, heading to a particular area near the 'Venture' bus stop in Ta' Qali. These vehicles dumped a considerable load of rocks, debris and rubble in an area of 10,400 square metres and a depth of three metres, with Newsbook claiming "the site must hold some 31,200 cubic metre of construction waste".

"The mathematics is staggering – hundreds of journeys of large trucks were required for this devastation to be accomplished, all in the dead of night," they reported.

The dumping would occur between 10pm and midnight, with the investigation claiming that with each subsequent visit to the site, more and more waste continued to pile up.

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The site is in the middle of Ta' Qali

A police vehicle was spotted on site

It was reported that a police officer was even seen speaking to the truck drivers, before the operation being "aborted" on that particular night.

The area of land that the dumping occurred on allegedly belongs to Emmanuel Zammit, according to the MFSA, and it was claimed that the trucks doing the dumping did not belong to Mr Zammit.

Considering the sheer amount of rubble and debris that has formed on the once-pristine land, it seems plausible that, over the last 12 months, multiple trips - if not hundreds, as was alleged - occurred under cover of darkness, away from watchful eyes.

What do you think about construction waste being dumped in Ta' Qali?

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