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UPDATE: 23-Year-Old Man Found Responsible For Killing Four Flamingos In Qawra

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A 23-year-old man from Gżira was found responsible and arrested for the killing of four flamingos at Qawra Point earlier this morning.

Miguel Zammit pleaded not guilty to charges and requested bail, but his request was turned down as this was a “clear case of poaching and that the accused could not have shot at the protected birds in error”.

As a first-time offence, shooting at the protected birds can result in anything from a €5,000 fine to a one-year jail term, as well losing your licence.

After a flock of flamingos was shot, police were informed about the site it had happened at as well as a vehicle allegedly belonging to the hunter who fired the shots.

From searches conducted, police found firearms, ammunition and four dead flamingos. The man has been arrested in connection with the murder of the four flamingos.

With the assistance of the Armed Forces of Malta, three flamingos were lifted from the sea, while the other was found on the rocks.

The suspect was taken to the Police Headquarters in Floriana and is still being held for further surveys.

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