WATCH: 'Ħenn Għalina PA, Ħenn Għalina': Activists' Latest Action Brings Drums And Chants Straight To Planning Authority

It didn't take long for numerous police officers to descend on the scene

Moviment Graffitti and Kamp Emerġenza Ambjent are currently holding an action at Planning Authority protesting the heavy influx of development proposals which keep making Maltese headlines, particularly those of petrol stations.

Taking to Facebook Live, the group of activists arrived at the Planning Authority with drums, whistles, posters, banners and a number of chants.

The direct action was organised on the same day that a PA Board meeting was scheduled to discuss the construction of another large and controversial fuel station, this time in Żejtun.

As police quickly arrived on the scene, the drumming and chants did not stop, with interludes of "Ħenn għalina PA, ħenn għalina" breaking the silence.

"The size of pending and approved ODZ fuel stations is seven times that of the Floriana granaries," the activists said. "There are currently twelve pending applications for ODZ fuel stations having the total size of over 52,000m². Four ODZ fuel stations with a total size of 12,000m² have already been approved."

"Planning Authority, tuna nifs"

Speakers reminded viewers that they were there with the same sentiment that they had descended onto the PA offices earlier this April. "No more meetings to approve shopping complexes and petrol stations," they shouted.

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"Even in the case of the Żejtun fuel station being discussed by the Board today, the PA has once again shown that it goes to great lengths to accommodate developers," Moviment Graffitti and Kamp Emerġenza Ambjent stated.

"The proposed 3,000m² fuel station on agricultural land in Żejtun has been recommended for refusal by the PA case officer himself, since it is not even in line with the current Fuel Service Station Policy. However, instead of refusing the application outright during the PA Board meeting of Thursday 2nd August, the Board deferred the sitting to give the developer more time to justify his case. The PA is showing time and again that it dances to the developers’ tune."

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