WATCH: Adorable Release Of Recuperated Hedgehogs At Xrobb L-Għaġin Will Warm Your Heart

FYI, hedgehogs love cat food, snails, and - in summer - prickly pears

A hedgehog recuperation and release program bore fruit last week after at least one injured hedgehog was successfully let out into the wild at Xrobb L-Għaġin - and it's just the cutest.

One of the little hedgehogs has been injured after being bitten by a dog, an injury which developed into an open abscess. A Nature Trust Malta representative nursed the little hedgehog back to health, before its public release back into the wild surrounded by doting humans.

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In a video posted by TV host and environmentalist Clare Agius, children can be seen trying to get a closer look at the healthy hedgehog

The release was part of an open day organised by Nature Trust Malta, with the express aim of educating Maltese people, especially youths, about the wonders that can be found in our local environment.

A flora and fauna nature walk was also held that day, introducing species that are found around the islands to curious Maltese children, who lapped up the experience.

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