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WATCH: Car Fished Out Of Ċirkewwa Sea As Frustrated Owner Calls For More Warning Signs

One of two cars swept into the Ċirkewwa sea following a turbulent storm has been recovered with the owner now calling for more warning signs in the area.

The two cars were dragged into South Quay as stormy weather engulfed the island over the weekend. One of the owners went through the effort of retrieving his car, employing the help of drivers and a crane, but the other still remains at the bottom of the sea.

“I really do believe that in this area there should be some signs warning of the danger,” said car owner Nicola.

“I had to pay some people to take it out of the sea because it’s not fair for the environment but now I have to buy a new one,” he said.

The video, uploaded by local adventure page Raniero’s Adventures, shows both cars resting on the seabed, a Honda and a Skoda. 

“A foreigner, taking responsibility for his own actions, unlike the other car which was left there and has not been removed, yet,” Raniero said.

The diver and environmentalist also called for more warning signs in the area in order to avoid such incidents happening in the future. 

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