WATCH: 'Don't Feed The Plastic Monster' This Christmas, Maltese Personalities Urge In New Video

'I realised I have the power to say no. I don’t need plastic – none of us do'

Two well-known Maltese personalities have teamed up to launch a new video hoping to help people reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce this Christmas.

TV presenter Clare Agius and actress and writer Jo Caruana have launched the Jien u Int Initiative, aimed at curbing more plastic waste adding to the already-critical global problem that is affecting Maltese marine life and the environment.

“The Christmas season is all about indulgence and everywhere you go people are going to offer you plastic! Mulled wine in a plastic cup, a sample of cheese on a plastic plate - it’s everywhere!” Clare says.

“This Christmas, I am saying no."

"If something is being given to me in single-use plastic, I will not be accepting it. Thank you, but no thank you. Instead, I will be carrying a reusable bottle with me, so I won’t miss out on the fun - and I won’t be making more plastic waste," she said.

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Pictured: Clare Agius and Jo Caruana

Plastic pollution is a serious issue on the island

The initiative comes just comes weeks after Clare Agius made an impassioned plea calling on Maltese people to stop feeding the plastic monster.

"More than 8 million tons of plastic a year ends up in the sea. The fish eat the plastic, and you and I eat the fish," Clare says in the video.

“I realised I have the power to say no. I don’t need plastic – none of us do - and we can stop this cycle by standing up to plastic in small ways every day. It’s my responsibility, so my kids can not only enjoy this Christmas on our beautiful island, but many, many Christmases into the future," she said.

Among the many useful tips recommended by Jien u Int, Clare suggests choosing reusable cutlery, plates and straws over disposable plastic options at parties, getting inventive with wrapping paper alternatives like brown paper since most wrapping paper is not recyclable, refusing shopping bags, being discerning about buying gifts without plastic packaging, and decorating the house with natural items such as pine cones, instead of plastic-ridden tinsel and baubles.

The video was created with the support of APS Bank. Hervé Delpech, Head of Strategy and Marketing, said, “We are glad to support this initiative in line with our values. We hope this video will continue to build awareness and inspire people to take action to protect our home and environment for the benefit of future generations.”

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