WATCH: Local Film Maker Impresses Us Again With Amazing Film About Malta’s Seas

Andrew Randon dedicated this video to his friend Andrew Schembri

Maltese film-maker Andrew Randon is at it again. This guy keeps on impressing us with his fresh style and amazing eye for detail.

Randon and his friend Andrew Schembri from Żibel went to Għajn Tuffieħa to film some surfers riding the waves at the lovely bay.

As he was looking at this ethereal scene, Randon had the idea to make a short film about the impact we are having on our oceans.

“Originally the whole venture was to go down to the beach and capture some drone footage and ground footage with my good friend Andrew Schembri, but as we where there and starting to watch the footage unfold it developed into more than just a routine test run,” Andrew told us. “All of a sudden turned into a powerful video"

The sheer beauty of the whole experience inspired Randon to show people how careful we need to be when it comes to our environment, especially the sea.

Randon dedicated this lovely video to his friend Andrew Schembri and all the hard work he does to keep our island clean.

“You’re a legend my friend, you're the man of the hour and I hope more people like you rise in my lifetime. You’re a real hero” Randon wrote to his friend Schembri.

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Throughout the video one of JFK's famous speeches can be heard

“I believe JFK’s voice and what he says in the speech has a lot to say about the current problems we face with the oceans, especially locally,” Randon told us.

“We mistreat it. In his speech he says that we come from the sea, that the same amount of salt in our blood, sweat and tears is found in the sea and that ties us to the ocean” he said.

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Chiara Micallef