WATCH: Malta's Second Unexpected Waterspout In A Week Appears At Site Of 'Butchered' Pietà Tree

Instead of a tree, they now have a fountain

A 'butchered' Pietà tree that was making waves on social media this week has caused damage to a nearby water main as it was being forcibly removed from the ground by the local council.

In a video posted by Joseph Tonna, two waterspouts are seen spraying out of the ground right near where the tree was positioned.

The tree's roots, which had become entangled in the water pipes and mains underground, ripped through the water mains as the stump was removed by the Pietà local council, resulting in two cascades of water in Triq id-Duluri, Pietà just off the main road from Valletta.

The Water Services Corporation confirmed that the Pietà local council had contacted them immediately after the leak was sprung, and they have since closed off the main and halted the leaks.

This specific tree was at the centre of a controversial removal just this week

While the Pietà local council said the tree would not be destroyed and had to make way for an "embellishment" of the area, many people were still very critical of the action.

After the video of the leak came out, many people commented, with some calling the leak "Nature's Revenge", and another person saying the leak must be "a new fountain to compete with the one at St. George's Square in Valletta".

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