WATCH: Malta's Ultimate Clean-Up Video Is Equal Parts Motivational And Hilarious

Talk about #PepTalkGoals ahead of World Clean Up Day

When it comes to cleaning up Malta's environment, a lot is definitely being done. But for a lot of people, it's still not nearly enough. Taking to the powerful medium of video, local activist conglomerate Let's Do It Malta have just released a powerful clip that's as effective and motivational as it is entertaining.

The video revolves around an inspirational AF pep talk being given by none other than local fitness instructor John Spartan. In front of him, the Swieqi Overseas RUFC team, kitted out and ready to go, get hyped up for what you'd expect is a challenging match on the pitch.

There's even your classic "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" reference in there that can get everyone's blood pumping.

What it turns out to be, though, is something even better.

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"Humour is the keyword."

Instead of the pitch, the players take to Għadira, tackling serial litterers like one guy who casually throws a cigarette beach onto the sand. By the way, for trivia's sake, this particular offender is none other than Let's Do It Malta's very own Cane Vella, who also happens to be the founder of Get Trashed Malta (so don't worry; he definitely won't be committing any offences in the real world!).

"We believe that this is Malta, and we are all in the same boat," Malta Clean Up admin Camilla Appelgren told Lovin Malta of the video. "We urge other companies to have this holistic views when doing their adverts and also for the government when trying to raise awareness. Humour is the keyword."

Of course, the clip still has some sobering facts to throw our way, like the fact that, every year, we throw away twice our weight in packaging alone. Crazy.

Written by Anthony Mizzi, edited by Julian Calleja, produced by Matthew Randon, and assisted by Naomi Grädel, the short clip was also made possible thanks to Catena Media, one of Let's Do It's main sponsors.

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All of this comes ahead of a Naxxar event being organised on World Clean Up day

Taking to the Qalet Marku peninsula, Let's Do It Malta and Camilla Appelgren will be organising a cleanup in the small area that hosts St. Mark's Tower, the D'Orbeau Battery and Qalet Marku's campsite all in the same place.

"If you cannot make it collect a piece of trash and post it on social media with #GreenerPride and share the event on your timeline," the event's landing page informs people. "This makes a huge difference to raise event more awareness and we believe that each and every person should do their part on World Clean Up Day!"

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Share this video if you think it's an awesome way of raising initiative... and tag someone who'd love to join the upcoming cleanup!

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