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WATCH: Over 3000 Kilos Of Waste Collected From Just One Of Malta’s Bays On World Oceans Day

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World Oceans Day​ is celebrated globally to show our love and respect for the Earth’s largest resource. And on the 8th of June Malta joined in on the celebration with a massive clean-up organised by the NGOs ŻibelNo To Plastic Malta and Raniero’s Adventures – Live Life​.

World Oceans Day 2019 MALTA

Watch the full video from the last clean-up celebrating World Oceans Day. One would appreciate the work needed to clean out the waste found in the area. We would all like to thank those who joined in to help out both on land and in sea! Total collected: 3253.17 kg by 60 volunteers!!Thank you to all sponsers who helped out during our recent clean-up at Paradise Bay ERA, Malta Tourism Authority.Special thanks to AJD Tune Ltd by Azzopardi Fisheries, St. Paul's Bay, Malta and Omar Farrugia for their great help with their boats during the event. Thank you for Dr Juice (MALTA) providing a refreshing smoothie after the event! Thank you to all divers from the Dive Systems – Malta and ATLAM SubAqua Club as well as Clean Malta – Cleansing and Maintenance Division for their support to remove all debris from the sea. Another event organised by Raniero's Adventures – Live Life, Żibel and No to Plastic Malta by Edward Sultana. #togetherwecan #oursea #ourresponsibility

Posted by Raniero's Adventures – Live Life on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The full video of their efforts was recently uploaded to Raniero’s Adventures – Live Life​​’s Facebook Page and the some of the shots really open your eyes to the extent of pollution in our water.

In the post, they explain how 3253.17 kilos of waste was picked up from the seafloor in only a few hours

That amount of plastic, wooden debris, rubber tires and other rubbish was collected in just one of Malta’s many bays and beaches, Paradise Bay, so the actual damage we have done to our sea is significantly worse.

If this fact disgusts you and you want to help remedy it, these NGOs will be hosting many more clean-ups in the future so be sure to follow their Facebook pages for any and all details about those.

A spokesperson from Raniero’s Adventures – Live Life​​ stated that “even five minutes of your time could make a difference” to their overall goal of making Malta’s seas as clean and as clear as possible. They also added that people should not turn a blind eye to anyone observed illegally dumping rubbish, into the sea or otherwise, saying that “we must be brave and able to stand up to help and educate them.”

What do you think should be done about sea pollution in Malta​?

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