WATCH: 'Slightly Macchiato': People React To Spinola Bay Turning Multiple Colours

'Moses must have dipped the wrong stick in'

Spinola Bay is a central dipping point for many a tourist and even some locals, but anyone driving by the bay this week might have noticed the fact that the bay has turned two very different colours.

A video that was shared showing the bay's multiples stripes has made waves online, with people wondering what exactly is causing the different coloured patches of water.

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Many people thought it was leftover dust from construction sites and general dirt and debris from the area

But others pointed out that discolouration often occurs when freshwater mixes with seawater

The slow mixing of rainwater and seawater can often cause discolouration

If fresh rainwater flows into denser sea water, it will generally rise on top of the sea water until the two waters blend. The speed of the blending can range extensively, contributing to the strange discolouration that is seen in the video.

Here's a similar case from India in 2015 after heavy rainfall

That said, the construction frenzy happening in St Julians and the surrounding area probably didn't do Spinola Bay any favours, adding to the murky grey colour in the bay

What do you think caused the different coloured water?

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