WATCH: Two Rehabilitated Turtles Released Back Into Ġnejna Bay To Go Forth And Prosper

Catherine and Popeye are finally ready to get back into the wild

Just weeks after a pregnant turtle crawled ashore in Ġnejna Bay and laid a brood of eggs, Nature Trust have released two rehabilitated turtles back into the ocean. Popeye and Catherine were released as excited onlookers watched the two turtles make their way to the water.

"Catherine was released after months of rehab after a boat strike and getting entangled in marine debris. Another turtle, Popeye, was also released this morning," said Nature Trust in a statement.

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Popeye is five-years-old, and received his name after he was found nearby Popeye Village last March. He was found entangled in fishing nets, and had developed a lung infection due to having ingested plastic.

Catherine is a bit older, at 13-years-old. She was found in a terrible state, being completely entangled in fishing tackle, last November near Armier Bay. She had also developed a lung infection after swallowing plastic, and had stopped eating anything.

She had also been hit by a marine craft as was visible from a healing wound, but the strike had left her weakened and maimed.

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After around eight months of treatment at Fort St Lucian, Nature Trust deemed her to be back at full health, and, along with Popeye, they were released back into Maltese waters.

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